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Check out this new animation brewing called Checkpoint by Barthelemy Atsin and Karas Lamb.

New dog drawing for my friend today.

Check out this animation clip from my animation class at the Bronx High School for the Visual Arts. 

I am so surprised and humbled when I’m asked to do a new commission. Check this one out that I just finished. 

Granma knows everything even what you’re supposed to eat to stay healthy.

Dancing Phibert!!!

Into The Spider-Verse was the bomb! Best Spiderman movie ever!

Here is another finished illustration commission that I created for a new film by Marishka Phillips. 

This is a recent commission that I finished based on the thirty and under 2018 roster.

Check out this new illustration of a science class.

I remember the many adventures I had at the school yard, running and playing and just being. I miss those days of free playing.

I was definitely thinking  Reading Rainbow on this one!

Bank Street will be having it’s annual Fall Fair  this Sunday. At the fair I will be drawing watercolor portraits  from 8am until the 3pm.


I created this family  eating dinner because I know Thanksgiving is coming soon!

I worked on a week long program at the Met Opera, which educated teachers on how to incorporate basic animation techniques into their classes.

This one goes out to all the mothers and all the ladies that are artistic mentors to their students. I most definitely appreciate you.

Meet Phibert, an alien from the planet SAG who has found a new home on Earth. I’m in the process of finishing up this comedic episode but wanted to give the world a sample of the intro. I would like to give a special thanks to the talented David Abi-Nader for helping me out with the musical score. See more

Checkout this animated logo that I created.

Throughout this episode of Yo Man, I focus on The Predator movie.

In sports things happen, it can get so competitive and sometimes things get out of hand. I definitely understand this and I play sports recreationally. I created this drawing because a professional cartoonist created  a disturbing representation of this beautiful athlete and it enraged me. I had to give her some type of justice. I feel like even this is not enough. 
I’m going with the Cavs on this one!!!

Yup, I’m a grown man and I drew Spiderman!

Definitely excited about Infinity War. I remember reading the Infinity Gauntlet when I was in 7th grade at Beeber Middle School. I remember sitting in the back of the class with other marvel fans discussing the complexities of the Thanos and how he was taking everybody out.I can’t wait to see the movie! I had to do this drawing!.

After his planet was destroyed he found a new home called Earth. Now Phibert can learn more about what it’s like to be an earthling.


This past weekend in Philadelphia a Starbucks manager called the police on two African American men who were just waiting to meet up with a friend. The manager of the store felt so threatened that they decided to call the police on the men. I’ve seen many individuals go in Starbucks and just use the internet and hangout. How is this any different from waiting for a friend? Guess it’s Wawa for now.

This was a commission from my friend Vernon S. Chubb. This was the love of his life. It was an honor to create this piece for him. This may be my best portrait.

Meet Midnight Jones! Created by yours truly. If your careful, you may make it out alive after your first meeting with her. Don’t worry ladies she only has a appetite for men. I’m not talking dating either but eating them or stealing their life force whatever way works best.

Kids Play is a fifteen minute children’s show that I created which uses animation and music to teach and entertain children. Kids Play features animations and artwork from Barthelemy Atsin and music collaborations with Amelia Robinson.

The Hulk was the first superhero that I drew when I was 7 years old. I remember spending hours on a that drawing and being so proud to show my mom when it was finished. I would hang it up and stare at it for days. I did this drawing for my six year old nephew Quentin. May he cherish this when I send it in the mail.

When I was kid I loved the Superman movie with Christopher Reeve. It has such an imprint on my imagination as a kid because it was the first time I saw a superhero fly on television. These memories inspired me to draw this.

I created this Batman drawing in exchange for a punisher hoodie.

New characters introduced in the Squad series.

How many of ya’ll remember me playing ball with the crew in my Timberland boots! Those were the days. What was I thinking? New Squad art, let the alliance begin. #capalegends #atsinart #artwithbart#AtsinSquad #BlackArtMatters



In honor of the new movie Black Panther I created this illustration.

I am excited to announce that I will be appearing on Blue Bloods on January 19th on CBS.


I just saw this article in the on the internet about an advertisement that H&M created and it really upset me. So I decided to create this piece.

New Squad art for the New Year!

Check out my good friend Bonita Oliver singing a song that we collaborated on for Kids Play. Be sure check out Kids Play with animation and art from Barthelemy Atsin and musical collaborations with Amelia Robinson. Airing on January 2nd throughout Brooklyn on the BRIC’s Free Speech Cable Channel BRIC TV .Watch it at

I have a new show coming out on January 2nd called Kids Play. Kids Play is a children’s show which uses animation and music to teach and entertain children. Kids Play features animations and artwork from Barthelemy Atsin and music collaborations with Amelia Robinson.
The show premieres on BRIC January 2, 7:30am & 7:30pm, replays every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sun at the same times. On channels Verizon 47 Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) 1993
Optimum (formerly Cablevision) 951
Watch via streaming

This is a color theory pet portrait for one of my dearest acting reps.

I am excited to announce that a collaborative piece that I worked on with Amelia Robinson is airing on an Emmy-winning Brooklyn Free Speech channel. Its a free access cable channel in Brooklyn on November 2nd at 9am and 9pm. Spectrum users it’s on channel 1993. Optimum users its on channel 951.

All right, it’s official the live action animation that I created in collaboration with Amelia Robinson’s Mil’s Trills musical playdates is ready to be viewed please watch, enjoy and let me know what you think.

This is me messing  around in Character Animator!!!!

This episode of Squad is brought to yo by Game Thrones. Check it out.

New Squad comics!!!







I just recently got a commission to paint teacher’s making  a difference. This is and was an honor.

I’m so excited to release another episode of Squad. This time featuring Robert Taylor Jr.’s song “Can’t Breath Without You Girl” and Fdotfernandez. Check it out.


New Squad animation featuring Leroy.

New Squad animation!



I just created a dinosaur drawing for my cousin Mark Jones’ son. What do you think?


Check out this commercial I created for my friend DJ Mario. Special thanks to David AbiNader for composing the music for this one. Check out his musical genius at



I just finished animating and editing Red Viper which also happens to be a comic strip that I’ve been developing. I am also very excited that I made this animation into a New Media Project through SAG. This is the second episode but don’t worry there’s a recap of the first episode in the beginning of the video. Throughout this animation I really tried to make the character drawings cleaner. Special thanks to David AbiNader and Colleen Britt for all their help. Check out David’s site at 

Have you ever tried drawing for six hours straight? It’s interesting because after a while you don’t think anymore you just create. It kind of like an actor who is memorized and ready to perform. I felt the same way when I drew yesterday and knowing that people wanted my work was so humbling. Yesterday I had an opportunity to work at the Bank Street Fair and create quick portraits of kids in oil pastel. Truly an amazing experience. 



I am very excited to announce that I will be drawing five minute oil pastel portraits at the Bank Street School for Children at 610 West 112th Street on Sunday from 10am until 3pm. I’ve been practicing for this event all week. Take look at some of my examples.
img_2721fullsizerender-2fullsizerender-3squadcomichillarytrumpThe political debates have become very embarrassing to watch. I find them to be as entertaining as reality television. This still is a poor symbol of what the United States represents.

This strip was inspired by a conversation I had with a  close friend of mine.
IMG_2039I think this maybe the last Prince purse that I ever do.

princeI can’t believe Prince passed away. I was commissioned to paint this picture of Prince along time ago. It was actually one of my favorite pieces to work on because I am such a fan.

villianNew villain for the next Red Viper episode.

In this episode of Squad, Ud is having trouble staying awake in algebra class. While dreaming he encounters many imaginative foes which help him solve the problem in class. I was totally influenced by Kill Bill and dinosaurs. Check out more of my work at

BartcopperheadI created a new character called Red Viper check out the first page.Viper1

New animation by me about my teenage years!!!

I just sold this Pam Grier purse this week!12186268_10153654592877459_4918185931822902452_oI am happy to announce that I’ve sold two purses this month. The Frida Kahlo purse was a commission and the Beyonce purse was a artist project that I worked on personally. 11034275_10153642025222459_210610801439304308_n-2FullSizeRenderIMG_0689
I’m working on this Nina Simone purse. It just so happen that Nina Simone was my first concert. So I had to create this.

I got inspired this weekend so I tried my hand at doing purses again. I went on Facebook and asked what people would like to see on a purse and the word got out, they wanted to see Dorothy Dandridge. So I created a Dorothy Dandridge Handbag. Don’t worry it’s waterproof and it’s for sale.
Dorothy Dandrigde

In this episode I created an animation about Hulk Hogan and his views on African American males dating his daughter. It’s shocking to know that so many of my favorite wrestling personalities were so negative. First the Ultimate Warrior and now Hogan?

I just recently joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Every month illustrators are encouraged to create artwork based on words of the month. If chosen one lucky artist will get their art published in a monthly art bulletin. The word for this month was Adventure. I was not only inspired by Indiana Jones but all the many Nintendo art covers for video games like Mega Man and Super Mario that I collected. If you take a closer look at those covers you will notice that the heroes on them  are very joyous flying and effortlessly  dodging the dangers  while retrieving the treasures of the jungle.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I have always been a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles.  They have continued to evolve and withstand time. These characters have become embedded in my mind for many years.  The Ninja Turtles are an example of art that will never die. I wish this for my own work. I painted this image of the turtles to pay homage to that little boy that loved the fun of being a kid watching cartoons in the 90’s.
tmntsmaller tiger


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