Animation classes


This was the first session of Space Battle at PS.290 school. Students created created animations of spaceships out of foam and cardboard. Students learned how to import their work into the computer and manipulate their images in Photoshop and After Effects.


From the 20th of June to the 23rd, I taught a Space Battle animation course with the Summer Collab program  at the Salesianum school in Wilmington, Delaware. Throughout these sessions students learned how to  created spaceship animations by using fine art and technology.



My name is Barthelemy Atsin an I am a teaching artist who has worked with children in the Early Childhood programs, school age children, teenagers, seniors and the homeless.  I was very fortunate to work with teenagers at the Sony Wonder and at The Hun School of Princeton. At Sony I taught fine art, animation and portfolio building classes for college admission. I am now currently finger printed with DOE teaching animation to high school students at the International Community High School . For information please contact me at or 646 408 1107. 






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